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Raising VS Extensions

To Raise or Extend? We often find people are ready to move on to a larger home after living in the same house for a few years, however, finding that home can be a challenge. Instead, consider an extension or house raise and build under. This can provide you with the larger home you were…

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How to Save Money Restumping

How to Save Money Restumping Restumping your home is a standard part of maintenance. But just because it’s expected doesn’t mean you should pay more than necessary. Knowing just a few simple tips and taking time to prepare can help you save money restumping your home! The most important factor is finding the right restumper.…

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Narrow lot homes

 Many people are intimidated by what they assume will be a complicated process or a sub-par home.   But the truth is that narrow lot homes can be just as stunning as any other home. The key factors in ensuring you receive the home of your dreams, lie with careful planning and a knowledgeable building…

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Quote Etiquette

Is Your ‘Free Quote’ Really Free? In a competitive building industry, it has become common-place for many builders (and other tradesmen) to offer free quotes. While this is a fantastic perk for homeowners, a ‘free quote’ actually costs considerably more than you may suspect. Free quotes take a considerable amount of time on your builder’s…

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