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Custom Designed Homes In Brisbane

Dreaming of a new home in Brisbane? Custom designed homes can create exactly the right spaces from the ground up for your family’s current & future needs.  Whether you have plans or not Bartlett Builders QLD can work with you to create your dream home and offer professional advice to help get the most from your budget.

Bartlett Builders Qld can assist with design, plans and through the stages of council approval, certification for building approval and interior set out. We can guide you through the process and prevent you being caught up in paperwork. This allows you to concentrate on your new home or renovated home.

In Brisbane, custom new home builds usually means accounting for sloping blocks, busy roads and narrow block construction. These are some of the factors that account for the reasons why you may require a builder like Bartlett Builders. Another factor could be that you’re seriously interested in upgrading to a larger home that is not catered for by standard builders. At Bartlett Builders there’s nothing standard about our level of construction skills. We welcome big beautiful architectural designs for quoting and construction.

Custom Designed House Plans

Standard “off the shelf” house plans can be very similar to everything thing else that’s around, meaning that your home is not uniquely stylised to your own taste or requirements. And as soon as you start adding your own effects and personalising the project, the costs can increase quickly. Custom new builds may seem more costly to build. However when you consider the additional costs of the extras when compared to “off the plan” builds, they may not be as far apart as you realise. Combine this with the sacrifices you’re making by not having what you want. Also need in your new home can be a real disappointment when you move in.

Bed manufacturers always use the sales pitch. You spend a third of your time in bed, you want to make sure that you get a good one. The same applies to your home. The biggest difference is that a home is going to last you a lot longer than a bed and perform many more functions, so you need to get it right. Every block of land is different and each faces a slightly different direction and of course we’d all like north facing blocks in Brisbane, but that is not always the case. So you need to work out how best to maximise what has been presented to you and this is where custom new home builders come into their own.

Custom designed homes Brisbane

Custom designed homes Brisbane

When it comes to custom design and construct building in Brisbane, Bartlett Builders can help you with the following:

  • Narrow frontage block design and constructions
  • Small lot Building in Brisbane inner suburbs
  • Brisbane Sloping block builds from Mt Co-otha to Coorparoo
  • Architectural Brisbane builds
  • And anything else your creative minds can image, Bartlett Builders welcome