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Woolloongabba is a famous Brisbane suburb. If you have property in this suburb, it is never going to go out of fashion. There’s always a good time to renovate in Woolloongabba. The image below is Bartlett Builder’s backyard for Brisbane renovation and extension work. Keep reading if you’d like to know how we can help you.


Queenslander Renovations Woolloongabba


Bartlett Builders has a wealth of experience as a Brisbane extension builder and we work on projects in blue-chip suburbs like Woolloongabba. In consultation with our designers, we can provide smart and economical ideas whether it be small deck extensions or large 2 storey rear extensions. And we’ve done many house raising projects.

Being in the building industry for over 30 years we can help guide you through the process from design to the finishing touches.  We understand the design specifics of Woolloongabba from 1900 colonial builds, to pre and post-war workers cottages.

Do you have a pre-war Queenslander in Woolloongabba and you would like to add a modern extension?  Ask us for a free on-site visit and we can take you through the process of turning your ideas into a reality.  Whether it be colonial, pre-war or modern, Bartlett Builders has the craftsmanship and experience to perfect whatever look you want to achieve.

Feel free to contact Bartlett Builders for a free on-site consultation to discuss the possibilities that your project will provide.

Additional Support

Bartlett Builders Qld can assist with design, plans and through the stages of council approval, certification for building approval and interior design. We can guide you through the process and prevent you being caught up in paperwork allowing to concentrate on your new home or renovated home.


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