Rawson St, Wooloowin

Post-War homes are common throughout Brisbane. Just as their name suggests these homes were built after World War II, generally around the 1950’s. This large boom has lead to many homes now being ripe for large-scale renovation, particularly in Brisbane’s older or heritage suburbs such as Wooloowin.

These homes are identifiable by their small, ‘boxy’ shape, and simple architecture. Many post-war homes lack the flourishes and adornments of their Queenslander counterparts. Purely because skilled labourers and materials were in short supply. Australia had come out of the depression and wartime with a hunger to expand, resulting in many building homes themselves.

Though these homes are often small and a little dark on the inside they major draw for many home buyers are the grand blocks they are situated on. Hence, backyards are often open and spacious, and conveniently private and hidden from street view. It only makes sense, when buying a property with a luxurious outdoor area, that you preserve as much as possible when expanding. Which is why so many people are choosing to expand up not out. A house raise is a perfect solution for post-war homes.

It is important to speak with a licensed and experienced builder when you start planning your post-war home renovation. Many of these homes are riddled with asbestos and lead. A very minor issue to be corrected but it is imperative that asbestos is handled correctly in order to avoid future health issues for you and your family. Therefore, Bartlett Builders are exceptionally experienced in renovating and raising these post-war gems.

Design and Construct Professionals – Bartlett Builders

Bartlett Builders are experienced Design and Construct professionals, meaning we can help you from start to finish and every step in between. Because our extensive building knowledge is perfectly complemented by our local knowledge. As long-time Brisbane residents, our skilled tradesmen have learnt many tricks to achieving a perfect, cohesive Brisbane renovation that can’t be taught from any textbook!

This family home at Rawson St, Wooloowin is a great example of a post-war home with unlimited potential. Firstly the owners contacted Bartlett Builders for a simple free quote and now Bartlett has begun the very first stages of this renovation!
There were steps in between such as getting plans and council approval, but with the help of Bartlett Builders and our partner designers, it was a breeze.

The home has had power, plumbing, and stairs disconnected. As a result, Sty Blocks and PFC beams have been situated in preparation of the upcoming lift.  Therefore, the area surrounding the worksite has been cleared and sectioned off from the public for safety.
Secondly, the next step will be the lift – The first conspicuous change that the homeowners will witness. A particularly crucial first step, as every aspect a successful project hinges on the stability of the raised house. Bartlett Builders uses a team of knowledgeable house-raising specialists to ensure that this build exceeds the highest standards of safety.

Contact Bartlett Builders for house raising and build underneath

If you are planning a renovation in Wooloowin or Brisbane’s surrounding suburbs then contact Bartlett Builders today for a free quote. Or if you would like to watch as this renovation unfold, check back soon as we will be posting regular updates on this project.

Additional Support

Bartlett Builders Qld can assist with design, plans and through the stages of council approval, certification for building approval and interior design. We can guide you through the process and prevent you being caught up in paperwork. It allows concentrating on your house raise, new or renovated home.


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