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Bartlett Builders QLD are your Brisbane renovation experts, especially pride themselves on quality service and craftsmanship. We ensure that you won’t experience triple-handling, which can occur when you work with a builder who doesn’t offer “design and construct”.

As part of the service, we offer design and construction services for our renovation clients. We assist clients who may not fully understand the process or exactly know what they want from their renovation. Bartlett Builders are here to help you with this process, from planning through to construction, so you can turn your ideas into reality.

The planning phase is your chance to make cost-effective decisions, whilst this stage may not be as costly as future steps, it is the most important when it comes to ensuring that you make the right choices. Careful planning will ensure that your project runs on time and on budget. 


Design and Construct with Bartlett

It’s important to understand that some designers and architects have a habit of promising unrealistically low construction costs, ensuring that you choose them to work on the planning stages. This however, doesn’t apply to a design and constructs builder. Since the builder’s best interests lie in making you fully aware of potential costs right from the start.

Bartlett Builders do not make money from the planning phase but we do see it as being an important foundation step. Building a relationship with our client and gaining an understanding of what they require from their building project is critical, so we are ensure that the design works well within the budget.

Renovating predominantly older Brisbane homes, Bartlett Builders are accustomed to the unique planning and construction requirements of pre-war, Colonial Queenslanders. Another aspect to consider is Overland Flow Flooding and how this will affect your renovation project from start to finish. This is not a consideration with all renovation projects but it’s a very common Brisbane renovation issue due to our strong wet storm seasons.

Bartlett Design and Construct Phases

Phases of planning for your project with Bartlett Builders include: 

  • Consulting on Site to Conduct a Site Measure
  • Drafting the Plans which will become the Working Drawings
  • Arranging Soil Testing
  • Structural Engineering Foundation Design
  • Arranging Approval by Private Certifier

As a result, our Brisbane building design team are available to provide you with a quote for the planning phase of your project.

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When it comes to custom design and construct building in Brisbane, Bartlett Builders can help you with the following:

  • Narrow frontage block design and constructions
  • Small lot Building in Brisbane inner suburbs
  • Brisbane Sloping block builds from Mt Cootha to Coorparoo
  • Architectural Brisbane builds
  • Everything in between