Flood Affected Construction

When planning your new build or a renovation project in Brisbane it’s important to consider if the property is prone to flooding. There are two types of flooding; Overland Flow and the ‘1-in-100-Year’ flood level, which Brisbane City Council predetermines.

The council indicates the minimum construction height requirement for a habitable slab or floor. This means that you cannot construct a slab or habitable area below a predetermined height. The Brisbane City Council will not approve any construction that does not adhere to the height requirements. As a result, it’s necessary to engage a custom builder such as Bartlett Builders, who specialise in dealing with these circumstances.

Unfortunately, under some circumstances, council do not provide predetermined heights. Hence, a minimum habitable floor height will need to be determined by a hydraulic engineer. Hydraulic engineers specialise in determining the potential for water to affect a parcel of land and can provide a habitable floor height for the project. As minimum floor heights can be quite high, this often creates an unexpected design challenge. Bartlett Builders are well equipped and experienced in dealing with such unique Brisbane building projects. We encourage you to contact us so that we can assist you in creating correct building design plans. By making sure your plans are right from the beginning, you will know what to expect in cost and outcomes.

Surveyor’s Indication

As part of our process, once the habitable floor height is determined, a Cadastral Land Surveyor will be engaged to provide a full indication as to where the lowest point of your property will start. During the planning phase, Bartlett Builders will discuss these outcomes with you and what it means for your project. Contact us today to get your Brisbane renovation or custom new build off to the correct start that it needs.


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Flood Affected Construction