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Bartlett Builders QLD is a long way from the Hampton Islands of New York, but that doesn’t mean that our taste in building work has to be. Hampton homes and decor is popular amongst many throughout the world and Brisbane is no different. American television, their summers, our climate and the willingness to be part of something special are all reasons why a Hampton style home make it an attractive idea for living.

Hampton homes in their natural environment are big, really big and for most of us we won’t ever want or need a home that large, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the features in our houses that make those types of homes something special.

Bartlett Builders has some existing designs to choose from and you may find they’re exactly what you’re after. If however, you wish to add, change or improve the design, you’re more than welcome to do so. Bartlett Builders Qld will work with you to develop the perfect Hampton’s style home for Brisbane.

We have floor plans ready to use for construction of Hampton Style Home suitable for use on a 10m wide block.

Renovation hamptons home

Internal renovations are more common than external renovations or extensions and it may be that you have a Queenslander and are not wanting to change the look and feel of a classical beauty from the outside. The hampton style kitchen and cabinetry are certainly not out of place inside the Queenslander renovation. Afterall when the Queenslander was originally built the kitchen was almost a separate entity to the house, in most cases you had to walk out onto the back deck to access the kitchen. The bathroom and toilets were still of course outhouses during the early 20th century.  If you’re looking to modernise but keep a turn of the century look, a great idea is the Hampton’s look. It’s certainly not out of character for the times.

The high ceilings of the colonial Queenslander means that ceilings are easily able to be converted to Coffered Ceilings. Combine the coffered ceiling with press metal in between, with a pattern that matches the main part of the house and the results will be astounding. The mix of genres will really set-off the room and tie the house together. Take a look of an example of what can be achieved.

These two styles can fit together well, if carried out in a tasteful manner. With our creative minds and years of experience, allow Bartlett Builders Qld to assist you with your next hamptons homes renovation in Brisbane.



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