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The Queenslander home is an iconic piece of Australian history. Commonly built between 1900 and 1935, these types of houses exist from Northern New South Wales through to far north Queensland. Like many great pieces of architecture, the Queenslander house was inspired by the climate upon. It was built and the materials readily available during the day.

Most Queenslander homes have hoop pine walls and floors. A readily available source of timber in Queensland back in those times. It was not uncommon for the double hung windows and casements to be moulded from the silky oak. If you ever have the opportunity to remove the old paint on these windows, you’ll be pleased to see the silky oak beneath. There’s a company in Brisbane that specialises specifically in removing paint via a caustic soda solution. This solution is 100% environmentally friendly and has little effect on the windows if they are in reasonable condition, to begin with. Click here for more information.

35 Years of Queenslander Renovations in Brisbane

In retrospect, a 35 year period doesn’t seem like a long period in our history. But for many Queensland people, it’s those types of houses that make up part who we are. Whether, it was your parents, Grandparents or other family members most of us have loving memories of sharing time with family or friends in or around Queenslanders. If not inside them, probably sneaking underneath them, playing in the dirt or hiding from the adults.

For others, it would have been the excitement at the sound of Dad driving under the house after a day’s work. These nostalgic sentiments, combined with the iconic look of the Queenslander is why we have demolition control precincts or DCP for short. DCP’s protect Queenslander homes from being destroyed and replaced by new homes. Another protective aspect for these homes is Character Control Precincts. It does exactly that, maintain the character of a street or area. With these protective measures in place, Bartlett Builders have been involved in many Brisbane Queenslander restoration projects. We are experienced in the way in which we handle client expectations and quality of workmanship.

Budget does not limit the qulaity in Queenslander Renovation

Quality to many people has different meanings, but when it comes to restoring a colonial classic it really only has one meaning and that’s to do as much justice to reinvigorating the property as your budget will allow. Bartlett Builders do this by matching products of yesteryear to today’s construction materials and if that means doing less to maintain the character of the home then that’s probably a good thing in the longer run. Of course, we don’t go cutting down hoop pine forests, but we’d avoid gyp rocking if we could avoid it.

When obtaining quotes for a Brisbane renovation, make sure the builder is as focused as you are on maintaining the character of the home. For example, if you were looking to engage a builder for an extension where there were press metal ceilings involved to match the existing, don’t let them ignore that and talk you into something different. Press metal ceilings are an ornate part of the Queenslander design. There is a variety of patterns to match your home.

Bartlett Builders welcome your enquiry regarding your Queenslander. We are always excited about the promise of restoring another classic.

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