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Small lot home and small frontage lots in Brisbane can be a challenge. Both in terms of access, but also your ability to have the dwelling approved by Brisbane City Council for construction. Bartlett Builders are experienced custom new home and renovation, extension builders in Brisbane. Let us help you with your challenges at the early stages and walk you through the dos and don’ts of starting your new small lot project.

The process is not challenging if you choose the right builder to carry out the work. Being small lot home builders over years, Bartlett Builders QLD have the technical and managerial skills to guide you from the start to finish. We inform you throughout the project and ensure every square inch of your property is utilised in a way that fits with your lifestyle.

It may be that you have an oddly shaped block and are unsure of the options available to you. The good thing about small or odd shaped lots is that you may be able to see the potential in it that others can’t and make it fit for your own purposes and add personality to your property. We enjoy being involved in these projects, where you have a unique sense of direction for your Brisbane builder. We enjoy the journey associated with these types of constructions projects because it provides us with motivation to extend our skills beyond the run of the mill Brisbane renovation work that we’re accustomed to. At Bartlett Builders Qld, we utilise every square inch to bring a better living experience to our clients. 

Being guided through small lot home projects

Have a block you want to subdivide and build a small lot home? Just purchased a 10 metre wide block? Bartlett Builders Qld can guide you through this process, understanding your needs, and contributing our skills and know-how we can help you achieve a home that is ideal for you and your lifestyle. We can help you create a small lot home that has privacy and spaciousness, just the way you want it. Bartlett Builders Qld can help you every step in the process from concept to completion.

It’s important to engage the right people early, especially if you’re looking to sub-divide or register a second lot. There are many pitfalls for new players in this space, but we’ve got an experienced design team behind us to help you with the process for new sewer connections, development approvals and engineering requirements for your job.

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