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Bartlett Builders – Your Southside Brisbane Queenslander renovation company

Bartlett Builder’s have extensive experience renovating Brisbane’s iconic Queenslanders.

Since Brisbane is full of Queenslander style homes; they are on every corner, in every cul de sac, and in every suburb. But how much attention do you really pay the humble Queenslander? A well-thought renovation will leave these homes looking like a priceless retreat from the city’s buzzing CBD.

At Bartlett Builders we have become unofficial experts on this architectural style purely because we have worked on so many of these homes throughout the years.

Bartlett Builders is the culmination of 3 generations in the building industry. Our Owner-Operator, Steve Bartlett, has more than 35 years of experience building and renovating in Brisbane. Furthermore, this extensive knowledge is matched only by the other half of this dynamic Owner-Operator partnership, Wendy Bartlett; who has expansive knowledge in coordinating and executing flawless renovations and builds. Hence, the combined knowledge of our management team means that Bartlett Builders has one of the most comprehensive and well-respected services throughout Brisbane’s Southside.

Beyond our quality building and project management expertise, Bartlett Builders bring unique knowledge when it comes to the specifics traits of southside suburbs. Weather conditions and other factors can vary dramatically between suburbs that are only 15 minutes away from each other.

A great example of this homes in Manly and Chandler. Queenslanders in Manly and Wynnum will often have to contend with salt-air directly from the foreshore. While homes in Chandler and Burbank have no issues with salt air they do present the problem of being flood-prone. Bartlett Builders’ local knowledge collected over 3 decades in the area means that we have a variety of solutions for homeowners – not simply a ‘one size fits all’ band-aid.


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Background on the Queenslander

The ‘Queenslander’ style became popular around 1840. While they were being built before this time, the style was really perfected and boomed during this period.

Since the name suggests, Queenslanders are built to suit the unique climate that abounds throughout Queensland. Though these homes do appear in northern New South Wales, as they are built to suit a very tropical climate it is really not seen in many other states or even central New South Wales.

The Queenslander’s high ceilings, prominent exterior staircases, gabled roofs and the defining trait of being built on stumps all make complete sense for Brisbane’s climate.


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